Campus Environment

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Far from the bustle of the city in the rolling hills of west Tennessee there exist a place where a young person can draw close to God.  The Harbert Hills Academy campus is designed around our farm and garden area.  In the spring the fruit trees begin to bloom illustrating the lesson that all may experience new life through the power of Jesus Christ our Redeemer and Friend.  In the summer the garden brings a bountiful harvest illustrating the God given increase when the proper nutrients are present and the weeds are kept at bay.  In winter the cold hardy crops still survive and even feed us with fresh nutritious produce.

With limited access to the distractions of technology and advertising the students have a better opportunity to ponder and develop their own relationship with the Lord.  Silence makes more distinct the voice of our creator.

Spiritual and character development being the primary object of education cause us to be very careful with what we feed the body as well as the mind.  The concept of simplicity is emphasized through, dress, adornment and even recreation.

Service generates opportunities for learning the joy of unselfishness.

A place to grow and learn, a place to pray and serve, a place to get to know Him.

Harbert Hills Academy – Making a Way to Know the Way.

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