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Beautiful, inspirational music can be heard throughout the day between programs. Sunday-Friday you can usually hear Community Calendar at 6:00 am, noon and 6:00 pm, and Birthdays and Anniversaries at 7:00 am, 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Sat Sun

A.M.Nightsounds 12:00 am

Bible Explorers Club (Sunday)  7:00 am

Your Story Hour  7:30 am

Sacramento Central Sabbath School Class  8:00 am

Voice of Prophecy   (Sunday)  8:30 am

Various  (Sunday)  9:00 am

More Abundant Life (Sunday)10:00 am

Pioneer Memorial Church  (Saturday)11:00 am


P.M.Money Wise Weekend (Sunday)12:30 pm

Wellspring    (Saturday)  1:00 pm

Wonders in the Word   (Saturday)  2:00 pm

It Is Written    (Saturday)  3:00 pm

Christian Working Woman  (Sunday)  3:05 pm

Science, Scripture & Salvation  (Sunday)  3:30 pm

Freedom’s Ring  (Sunday)  4:05 pm

Between the Lines  (Sunday)  4:30 pm

Lifestyle Magazine  (Sunday)  5:00 pm

Your Story Hour (daily, one hour M-F)  6:00 pm

Science, Scripture & Salvation  (Saturday)  6:30 pm

Voice of Prophecy    7:00 pm

Bible Answers Live (Sunday)  9:00 pm

Unshackled  (nightly)11:30 pm

Mon Fri