Mission Trips

Harbert Hills Academy has planned and executed many mission trip experiences since 1986 the year of our first student mission trip to Mexico.

Each year there is one trip focused on providing a challenging mission experience for our Junior and Senior classes.  In addition Harbert Hills Academy as a member of the E. A. Sutherland Education Association (EASEA) partners with other member schools on other trips.

Each trip has a character or focus of its own.  Some of the trips have focused on building, renovating, or repairing.  Others have focused on evangelism, health ministry, and children’s programs.  Still others have been a combination of building and ministry together.  Whatever the case the students come home blessed, better trained, and equipped to serve God wherever he may call.  Often the students will point to these trips as the time when their eyes were opened to how God may be calling them personally.

In the 25 plus years of mission work we have been to many countries.  Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand.  Exposure to the needs of the world helps the students to see opportunities for service as well as joy of service.


Community Outreach

Serving our community is a very important aspect of the education program at Harbert Hills Academy.  Students have assisted with evangelism series, raked leaves, chopped wood, unloaded moving vans, distributed literature, conducted community need surveys, prayed for families, distributed food boxes, collected food items, assisted with tornado cleanup, and unloaded truck loads of food.  These experiences are designed to help the students see how much joy comes from unselfish service to others.

If a need arises we are committed to involving our students in serving the community.  This may require that classes be suspended for the day to assist in a flood recovery project or that students are scheduled in smaller groups for more long term assistance projects.


Choir and Ensemble Tours

Each year the choir and ensemble practice diligently and present programs at area churches generally within a 3 to 4 hour radius of campus.  These programs include music from the choir and ensemble, as well as smaller groups that prepare music based on their specific interest or talents.  This year several of the students have actually made their instruments in woodworking class and then performed on them during music programs.  In addition to the music, students have the opportunity to share their testimony about how God is working in their lives.  These testimonies are many times the highlight of the program.  Seeing lives being changed is one of the greatest miracles that one can witness.

Students also plan and provide testimonies and music programs for the men’s and women’s shelters, nursing homes, and any venue that becomes available.