Kathy Moon, R.N. N.H.A.

Nursing Home Administrator

Amy Ditto, R.N. D.O.N

Director of Nursing

Lorina Cagle, S.W.

Social Services Director

The Medicaid charge per day is $212.44.

The private pay rate per day is $215.00.

Requirements for Medicaid eligibility:

  • An individual can only have $2,000.00 or less in the bank.
  • An individual can own their own home and the property it’s on.
  • An individual can own their own car, as long as the value is no more than $4,500.00.
  • An individual can own a burial policy.
  • As long as the individual’s income is less than the private pay amount, an individual is considered to be eligible for Medicaid from an income standpoint.
  • An individual must be eligible from a health-needs standpoint.


Contact Social Services for further explanation.


Admission and Hiring Policy

It is the policy of Harbert Hills Academy Nursing Home that all individuals will be treated without any regard to race, color, national origin, or mental or physical disabilities. This policy applies to employment, patient admissions, assignment or transferring rooms within the nursing home, provision of patient care services or eligibility for any nursing home services. This policy also applies to visitors and those persons or organizations that recommend this nursing home to others. Harbert Hills Academy Nursing Home is an EOE (Equal Opportunity Employer) and complies with all TITLE VI, Section 504 and ADA.