Thanksgiving 2017

By Susan Athearn

The school’s special Thanksgiving dinner this year was largely a result of the dedicated efforts of the Student Association (SA) officers: Alvin Mwizerwa, President; Tracy Tambingon, Vice-President; Nyasha Ngirishi, Pastor; Maria Morales, Treasurer; Nataneal Brealey, Sergeant-at-Arms; Jasmine Alvarez, Alternate; and Finn Alessandrino, Alternate. Several staff assisted SA in pulling off a traditional American Thanksgiving meal, held at the Savannah SDA Church Fellowship Hall.

Food preparations began with some SA officers taking a miniature cooking class from Chef Aaron Athearn to learn how to make “chicken” style gravy. The SA then took on the challenge of making enough mashed potatoes, gravy, and macaroni and “cheese” for 100 people.

Some of the food, such as dinner rolls, “turkey,” green bean casserole, pies and pumpkin bread, was prepared by staff members, at SA’s request. The cafeteria was humming with activity on Thanksgiving, as students and staff diligently worked to get food ready for the dinner.

With help from Vice-Principal/Teacher Shymone Moses, the SA officers squeezed in time between classes and work to beautifully decorate the dining and serving areas for the dinner. Another staff member, Terry White, helped to transport food and SA officers to the Church Fellowship Hall, where they set up the buffet area and had the meal ready on time.

Maria Morales and Jasmine Alvarez began with a presentation about Squanto saving the Pilgrims that first Thanksgiving. They shared how God can turn life’s tragedies, like those Squanto suffered, into blessings for others. Following the devotional, the SA officers served up the delicious food to each student and staff member. As the SA officers and some staff members did the cleanup for the meal, they gathered up the leftovers, which, as American tradition goes, there were plenty of. These were enjoyed for many meals afterward