It was very early Monday morning and all the students and staff were loaded in vehicles heading to Clarksville, TN. In Clarksville, we made a base at the Seventh-Day Adventist church to eat breakfast and play a few outdoor games. The students were able to play basketball, volleyball, and a little bit of football.

Before lunch everyone packed up, headed to a park to prepare for the eclipse, and hand out some literature to others waiting in the park. The students were armed with water bottles, solar eclipse glasses, and The Great Controversy. Groups of students dispersed throughout the park trying to hand out as much literature as possible; when most of the books had been handed out, the students were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful day.

As the time approached, the photography students and Mr. Joe set up their cameras in anticipation of the eclipse; their tripods were positioned and the lens filters were out. Frequently the park-goers glanced up at the sun, waiting for the eclipse to reach totality. Finally, at 1:27 pm, the eclipse reached totality. It was an amazing sight to see! The sky was dark and everyone around was cheering; people were able to see something that hasn’t been seen for 100 years. Although the students woke up very early, and had a long drive to Clarksville, the consensus was that the experience was worth it. If you weren’t able to experience it yourself, enjoy the pictures that our photography class took.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.”
Psalms 19:1