Harbert Hills Academy Nursing Home is an independent non-profit facility established in 1958 to provide high quality, individualized, Christian health care. We are a 49-bed facility offering long-term care. Our nursing home provides top-quality, personalized care in a warm environment. We are nestled in a cozy, country setting.

We recognize that our facility is more than just a business. It is a Christian ministry that serves our residents with caring hearts and helping hands. Our facility is certified by the State of Tennessee and Medicaid. We also undergo an annual inspection.

We are members of American Health Care Association and the Tennessee Health Care Association. We are also an Equal Opportunity Facility and do not discriminate on any basis.


Harbert Hills Academy Nursing Home was started in 1958 by a group of men and women who desired to provide quality, Christian, long-term care services to the elderly in this area. The first nursing home building on our campus was a small home that provided care for five individuals. The money to build this home was donated by Mr. Roger Hays. He wanted to name this home after his mother, Clara Ellis Hays. This early nursing home building not only provided care for the elderly in our area but it also provided a learning opportunity for the students of Harbert Hills Academy.

In the early 1960’s, it was determined that a larger building was needed to provide long-term care services to the elderly in our area. Work began on the newer, larger facility, which was completed in 1969. This new building had 25 beds. In 1975 it was expanded to 35 beds. Finally, in 1984 an addition was added to the original building which brought our total number of beds to 49.

God has continued to guide and bless Harbert Hills Academy Nursing Home in its effort to provide long-term care services to the elderly and provide an environment where our Harbert Hills Academy students can learn the importance of service, compassion, caring, and hard work.