12 month Missionary Experience
The 12 month Missionary Experience with the 1000 Missionary Movement is a year of service for the Lord which encompasses the 1 month training, followed by serving for 11 months in a mission field ministering to the needs of people somewhere around the world.
Long Term Mission Training:

Week 1
Investigate your personal relationship with Jesus, get to know Him better and learn to share Him effectively.

Week 2
Learn about life as a missionary and be equipped with tools and techniques for Bible study and public evangelism.

Week 3
Learn the basics of Medical Missionary work and how to give simple home treatments.

Week 4
Acquire skills for door-to-door work using literature evangelism as an entering wedge.

Following these four weeks of training the missionaries are sent out to serve for eleven months. The opportunities for service are many and you may find yourself challenged to serve outside of your comfort zone.

Short-Term Mission Trip:
The short-term service involves a two-week trip. The short-term trip generally happens in the summer near the end of June each year. Traditionally these trips have several doctors and other medical professionals along and allow the student to get involved in some form of medical outreach. There are also children’s ministries and an evangelistic campaign during the trip.

Will you respond to God’s call for service?

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