1,000 Missionary Movement
Our Vision for the 1,000 Missionary Movement is to work with God in training young missionaries do service for Jesus, withersoever they may be called to labour. We envision that this training will include strengthening the missionaries in their spiritual foundations; giving them training in evangelistic aspects such as preaching and teaching, as well as Literature Evangelism; and preparing them to reach souls through the healing discipline of Medical Missionary work.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and decided to join the “One Thousand Missionary Movement” program and has been an incredible experience. This program has given to me the opportunity to serve God and others without interest in something else, more that be useful and provide my skills, knowledge and energies to help others. It is only placed in the God’s hands and that He powerfully used as a tool in his cause.

Daniel Burgos from Costa Rica

With additional support from the broad foundation, however, he`s scan review getting a chance to test his ideas by coaching the boards and superintendents in four districts over two years.